Each district established under this constitution shall elect a president and such other officers as may be advisable to run concurrent with the terms of representatives to the tribal council. The president shall call and preside over councils of the district whenever necessary for the consideration of matters of local interest. The various districts may consult with representatives of the Interior Department on all matters of local interest and make recommendations thereon to the tribal council or the superintendent or Commissioner of Indian Affairs, may undertake and manage local enterprises in furtherance of the purposes set forth in the preamble to this constitution, may levy assessments upon members of the district, may expend moneys in the district treasury for the benefit of the district, may keep a roll of those members of the tribe affiliated with the district, and may exercise such further powers as may be delegated to districts by the tribal council.

The actions of the district councils shall not be inconsistent with the constitution and by-laws, and ordinances of the tribe. – ARTICLE VI – DISTRICT ORGANIZATION OST Constitution and By-Laws (Amended 2008)