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November 30, 2010: Oglala Sioux Tribal Council – Regular Session @10:00 a.m.

INDIAN EDUCATION RENEWABLE ENERGY CHALLENGE STUDENTS, INVITES STUDENT PROPOSALS: The Argonne National Laboratory, in partnership with the Bureau of Indian Education and the Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development is requesting designs for a biomass conversion process that will convert biomass to diesel fuel. The ten design teams (five high schools and five colleges) that submit the best proposals will receive $4,000.00 each to implement their conversion process and and produce bio-diesel fuel. A portable diesel-powered generator will be provided to the teams. Each team will be required to submit a video showing their bio-diesel fuel production process, a video of their generator in operation fueled by their bio-diesel and powering some appliance, as well as a 100 milliliter sample of their bio-diesel fuel to Argonne National Laboratory by May 1, 2011.

Also required are specifications showing fuel consumption versus generator power outfit. The best college level conversion process and the best high school level conversion process will be selected, and the teams (up to four team members and one faculty for each team) will have an opportunity to meet with senior officials from the Department of Interior and have their project results prominently displayed in Washington, D.C. The challenge is open to all tribal high schools and colleges under the auspices of the Bureau of Indian Education and the Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development.