Tribal Programs

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1.Access to Recovery

2.Ambulance Service

3.Anpetu Luta Otipi

4.Attorney General’s Office

5.Benefits Office

6.Burial Assistance

7.Child Care & Development

8.CHR Program – Pine Ridge

9.CHR Program – Rapid City

10.Clinical Lab

11.Conservation Office

12.Court Administration

13.Diabetes Prevention

14.District Coordinator

15.Economic Development

16.Emergency Youth Shelter

17.Employee Assistance Program

18.Energy / LIHEAP

19.Enrollment Department

20.Environmental Protection

21.Financial Services

22.Food Distribution

23.Health Administration

24.Health Education

25.Higher Education

26.Home Improvement Program

27.Human Resources Department

28.Job Placement & Training

29.Johnson O’Malley

30.Land Office

31.Meals For The Elderly

32.Native Healing Program

33.Native Women’s Health Care

34.Natural Resources Regulatory Agency


36.Oral Health

37.OTITUS Media

38.Pesticide Enforcement

39.Property & Supply Department

40.Revenue Department

41.Rural Water – Kyle

42.Rural Water – Pierre

43.Safety of Dams

44.Solid Waste Management

45.Special Education/Early Intervention

46.Support Services


48.Transportation Department

49.Tribal Education Department

50.Utilities Office


52.Veteran’s Homeless Shelter

53.Veteran’s Office

54.Vocational Rehabilitation

55.Water Maintenance & Conservation

56.Water & Sewer