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OST Land Buy Back Program
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  1. Will I have to sell?

No, you don’t. You will never be forced to sell your land.

  1. How will I be paid?

Funds must be deposited into an Individual Indian Money (IIM) account established in the seller’s name. You then choose debit card, check, or to a bank of your choice.

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Oglala Sioux Tribal Council Meeting - Special Session: XL Pipe Line Issue

OST Council Chambers - April 18, 2014 - 11am

South Unit Badlands National Park

Shield The People - by Oyate Wahacanka

Can a Tipi Stop a Pipeline?

Keystone Tar Sands / XL Pipeline. Nearly everyone is familiar with these words and most have at least some opinion about what they represent. Those who are willing to sacrifice the very things which make life possible on this planet for personal gain, they mean fabulous wealth and power. For some, they only mean possibly saving a few cents at the gas pump. For others, who have studied the short and long term effects of what these words represent, a far more grim reality becomes apparent.

The most reputable scientists from all over the world have made their findings on these projects known to the governments of the United States, Canada, the United Nations and this research is in agreement with the beliefs and ancient knowledge of the First Nations people of the American continents; we are putting the ability for living organisms to survive on this planet at grave risk! The indigenous peoples have long understood the relationship of man and nature. Ironically, it is these very people who now bear the initial brunt and negative effects of these projects.”

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Resolution 14-19XB - XL Pipeline Permit

A resolution of the Oglala Sioux Tribe Executive Board requesting honorable President Barrack Obama to deny the Keystone XL Pipeline a Presidential Permit to pass to cross International Treaty Boundaries.

Resolution 14-20XB - Obama Enviornmental Record

A resolution of the Oglala Sioux Tribe Executive Committee to hold president Barrack H. Obama accountable on his environmental record; on his record with the Tribal Nations, including his relatives in the Crow Tribe; and on his community organizing record; by encouraging him not to mar his legacy by approving the Keystone XL Pipeline on his watch.


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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: by OST Department of Water Maintenance and Conservation ProgramHome_files/water%20maintenance.jpgshapeimage_34_link_0
Proclamation: Oglala Sioux Tribe Sexual Assault Awareness MonthHome_files/SA%20Awareness%20month%20updated%20newest.pdfshapeimage_37_link_0
ROOM TO BREATH: Free Community Screening at Nunpa Theatre, Kyle, SD - April 2, 2014 at 6:30pmHome_files/Room%20to%20Breathe%20Community%20Screening.jpegshapeimage_40_link_0
Economic Business Development Committee: Wind Energy Project, Ground Breaking Ceremony - 4/11/14 at 2pmHome_files/WindEnergyProject.pdfshapeimage_44_link_0
HEALTH ALERT: We are experiencing an increase in SHIGELLA in Shannon County... Read MoreHome_files/Shigella%20Info_OLN%20Web_04_14.pdfshapeimage_47_link_0
Lakota Code Talkers: Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients Being Honored in Eagle Nest District - April 26, 2014Home_files/Lakota%20Code%20Talkers.pdfshapeimage_50_link_0
Lakota Henry Red Cloud Honored by the White house as “Champions of Change” for Solar Deployment
Indian Country Accomplishments of the Justice Department: 2009 to PresentHome_files/Indian%20Country-accomplishments.pdfshapeimage_56_link_0
Congress Recently Passed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013, or “VAWA 2013”Home_files/VAWA-2013-tribal-jurisdiction-overnon-indian-perpetrators-domesticviolence.pdfshapeimage_59_link_0
ANNOUNCEMENT: All South Unit Meetings are Canceled Until Further Notice (In Respect for a Loss in the Community)
Badlands National Park Seeks Comments for Bison Management PlanHome_files/PR-04-23-14-BisonEA.pdfshapeimage_65_link_0